Real Relax Massage Chair Review – Favor-04

The Favor-04 Real Relax Massage Chair is one of the best buys you’ll find on a zero gravity model. What’s the trade-off for this bargain price?
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Instead of an L-track with Rollers, this model has a fixed point massage system combined with head-to-toe airbags. That’s a deal breaker for some, but read on! Plenty of owners are perfectly happy with the massage they get from this chair. It’s definitely worth a closer look, and the details below will help you decide whether this is a good choice for you.

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  • 8 Massage Point System
  • Full-Body Airbag System
  • Zero Gravity Positioning
  • Hip Vibrator
  • Heating in Seat Area and Footrest
  • 4 Automatic Programs
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Built-in Speaker with Bluetooth Connectivity
  • USB Charger Port

Casters are mounted on the back side of the chair for easier moving, but caution is advised on wood or floors that are easily damaged.

Assembly is reasonably easy. The chair ships in several pieces, and hoses must be connected correctly. Most owners don’t have a problem, but if you need help you can follow the instructional video on YouTube.

Four presets make it simple to quickly start a massage with programs that range from relaxing to stronger styles. Manual options let you choose your own combination of body areas to massage, with or without heating and seat vibration.

Not surprisingly, the remote does not offer as many automatic programs or manual mode choices as you get on more expensive chairs. The upside of that is that controls are simpler and don’t take long to learn.

Note: This Favor-04 model of the Real Relax massage chair is not for tall people. Maximum height is supposed to be 6 feet, but a few people slightly under that height report that they don’t get good calf massage even when the chair is in full zero gravity recline position. The footrest is extendable, but only by a few inches.

What Makes the Real Relax Massage Chair Unique?

Of all the bestselling models in the low to mid price range, this is the only one that does not have an L-track with rollers system. A lot of people will immediately dismiss it for that reason, but plenty of others are thrilled with it.

Eight fixed massage points are located in the back of the chair and use rotating motion to give you a kneading massage. In addition, 50 airbags are positioned to work the muscles of your neck, shoulders, arms, waist, hips, legs, and feet. There are also rollers for the bottoms of your feet. The result is a massage that wins rave reviews from a majority of owners.

That said, it’s important to note that since the chair does not have an L-track system, you can’t adjust the width of the back massage.

Whether you’ll be happy with fixed massage points is strictly a matter of personal preference. Judging from the number of 4 and 5 star reviews, the majority of owners think it’s great. A few even mention that they expected this to be a drawback, but after using the chair they actually prefer the stationary massage to the rollers that move up and down your back.

Aside from design of the massage mechanism, one unique feature of this model is its vibrate option. It’s only for the hip area, but you can add vibration to your hip massage to help promote relaxation.

Also, Bluetooth-enabled speakers and a USB charger port can come in very handy. They aren’t completely unique, but they’re not common in this price range.

What Are Customers Saying?

In the consumer feedback online, only a handful of owners have rated this Real Relax Massage Chair model lower than 4 stars. Only one claimed that customer service would not respond, while everyone else said the opposite in very positive comments. It’s evident that the sellers are reading and responding to complaints and bad reviews, which is always a good sign.

If there is a weakness in this chair it’s in the shoulder area, especially for shorter people. Once the chair is reclined, you may be able to scoot backward slightly to better align your shoulders with the massage points.

That about covers the downsides. What people like most about this model is that they feel it’s an exceptional value – a nice variety of features for such a low price. You get a reasonably good massage, along with the stress relief and other benefits of zero gravity positioning.

A number of users commented on how much they like having the Bluetooth connection to play tunes from their phones. The chair actually comes with its own spa style music, which has been described as peaceful and soothing.

Pros & Cons

  • Very low price for a zero gravity massage chair
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers and USB port
  • Favorable reports on customer service experiences
  • Fixed point massage (no L-Track Rollers system)
  • Width of back massage cannot be adjusted
  • Massage of shoulder area somewhat lacking, especially for shorter people
  • Not a good fit for those 6′ tall and over

Summing It Up

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The bottom line is that you can usually find this Real Relax Massage Chair for just under $700. That makes it very attractive to bargain hunters, and it could also be good for first-time owners. That is, if you aren’t sure how often you’ll actually use a massage chair, this one offers decent quality that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Keep in mind that you don’t get an L-track roller system, and you can’t adjust the massage width. If either of those is a must-have feature, this is not the chair for you.

For everyone else, what you do get in this model is a relaxing full-body massage that is rated very good by the vast majority of satisfied owners. Add to that the options for vibration along with your hip massage, and heat for your seat area and feet. You can also enjoy the benefits of zero gravity while you chill out to the built-in music or your own peaceful tunes collection. Overall, those are pretty nice features for a massage chair in this price range!

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Real Relax Massage Chair Review - Favor-04

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