iJoy Massage Chairs: Comprehensive 2018 Review & Guide

If you’re short on space or money (or both!), the newest models of the iJoy massage chair have two distinct advantages over the competition: a smaller footprint, and a lower price.

iJoy Massage Chair Comprehensive 2018 Review & Guide
High end massage chairs can cost you thousands, but iJoy offers nice features at a bargain price.

Of course, saving room and paying less means making some trade-offs. Don’t expect to get all the bells and whistles of high end massage chairs, and be aware that even these two latest iJoy models have some drastic differences.

To save you time we’ve done thorough research, and this guide covers all the details of both the iJoy 2.1 and the iJoy 4.0.

If you have a specific question you can use our table of contents to skip ahead. Otherwise, let’s dig in and see if one of these chairs is a good choice for you, or whether you should consider other options.

Good to Know: Who Makes These Chairs?

For any major purchase, smart shoppers always like to know a little about the company behind the product. This is especially true for brand new items that haven’t yet established a reputation with consumers, good or bad.

The iJoy collection was created by Human Touch, a leading supplier of wellness products for over 35 years. This California company states that its mission is “to provide products and experiences that deliver life changing benefits”.

Human Touch offers a wide range of products, including high end, full-body massage chairs and recliners. The iJoy chairs are the least expensive line as they do not include calf/foot massage.

Note: For the lower body this line does include a small, stand-alone massager, the iJoy Foot & Calf Massager.

At this writing the iJoy 2.1 and 4.0 are still so new that there is no online consumer feedback. For that reason it’s worth noting that older models have earned high ratings in online customer reviews. Though the models have been discontinued, a look at the feedback indicates that this company has a fairly good reputation for quality products and customer service.

The 3 Most Important Differences

Any of these may be a deciding factor or deal breaker for you, so let’s start here to save you time.

  1. The 2.1 is built for back massage only, whereas the 4.0 combines back and seat massage.
  2. The maximum load capacity of the 2.1 is 200 pounds, whereas the 4.0 is designed for persons up to 285 pounds.
  3. The 4.0 costs around $300 more than the 2.1.

That narrows it down pretty quickly. If glutes massage is a must-have, or if anyone who’ll be using the chair exceeds the maximum load weight, you’ll want to skip straight to the details about the 4.0. For others, the 2.1 is worth a closer look as it offers considerable savings.

iJoy 2.1 Versus the iJoy 4.0: Which Is For You?

To compare, let’s start with what these two chairs have in common:

  • Designed for height range of 5.0 to 6.0 feet
  • Backed by 2 year limited warranty
  • Available in 2 two-tone colors: Espresso and Bone
  • Easy to assemble in only a few quick steps
  • Suitable for smaller rooms due to sleek, compact styling

These are not full-body massage chairs as neither is capable of calf/foot massage. Both chairs can be adjusted to a reclining position, but feet are not elevated because neither chair has a built-in foot rest.

For quick reference, a comparison chart is included below where you can compare features side-by-side. But first, here’s a more detailed look at each model.

The Human Touch iJoy 2.1 Massage Chair

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This is basically an update of the 2.0, which is no longer available. The 2.1 has some minor cosmetic differences, as well as some improvements to the remote control program settings.


  • FlexGlide Massage Technology
  • 3 Auto-Massage Programs
  • Tethered Controller
  • Zippered Side Pockets
  • Easy Recline Strap

The patented orbital massage technology built into this chair is designed to eliminate the pinching and friction associated with typical massage chairs – the last thing you want when the whole point of this experience is relaxation! There are three auto-massage programs, one each for your full back, your upper back, and your lower back.

The zippered pockets that have been added to this new model are large enough to store books and magazines or even most laptops. Since so many people buy this chair to save space, that’s a nice addition to let you keep items handy without cluttering the room.

Operating the chair is simple, and settings allow you to choose from Glide, Compress, or Knead.

  • Glide – A gentle, rolling massage moves up and down your back to relax and loosen tight muscles, relieve tension, and prepare your back for deeper massage.
  • Compress – A side-to-side massage motion works on both sides of your spine at once to lift and stretch muscles, relieve soreness and tension, and improve circulation.
  • Knead – A massage using small circular motion on both sides of spine to improve deeper blood and lymph circulation, which can help bring vital nutrients to the spinal area, and to help clear out toxins from muscle tissue.

For more details about the remote control and other information, you can go here to check out the owner’s manual.

Pros & Cons

  • Costs less than the 4.0
  • Side storage pockets help keep room neat
  • Back of chair folds down for easier moving
  • No seat massage
  • Weight limit is 200 pounds

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The Human Touch iJoy 4.0 Massage Chair

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Whether you spend all day on your feet or sitting behind a desk, your legs pay a price. A relaxing glute massage after work can make all the difference, and for many people that makes the extra cost of this chair well worth it.


  • FlexGlide Duo™ Massage Engine
  • 4 Auto-Massage Programs
  • Targeted Muscle Benefits
  • Built-in tech cradle with USB port
  • Smooth Recline Lever

This model is built with trademark dual robot technology that simultaneously massages your back and glutes. Four auto-massage programs include 2 for full-back and seat massage, and 2 for focused full-back and seat massage, with all 4 programs using a variety of modes.

You can store your remote in the handy tech cradle located on the side of the chair. That cradle also includes a USB port that you can use to keep your devices charged. Now, you’d think that if you want to get the most relaxing massage possible, it’s probably a good idea to be unplugged. But then, if Candy Crush is your favorite escape that’s different. Either way, it’s definitely a matter of personal preference!

Massage modes on the iJoy 4.0 give you a choice of either Glide or Knead.

  • Glide – A gentle, rolling massage moves up and down both your back and your glutes to loosen muscles, relieve tension and spinal column pressure, improve circulation, and invigorate your entire back and backside areas.
  • Knead – Simultaneously massages both your back and your glutes in small circular motion to improve deeper blood and lymph circulation, to help bring vital nutrients to the spinal area, and to clear out toxins from muscle tissue.

During a Glide massage you can adjust the width to either focus or diffuse massage pressure. For more details about the controller and other information you can read the owner’s manual online.

Finally, the 4.0 comes almost fully assembled. When it arrives, all you’ll need to do is attach the head pillow using its hook and loop fasteners, and then snap the tech cradle into its place on the side of the chair.

Pros & Cons

  • Massages both back and seat
  • Weight limit is 285 pounds
  • Includes USB port on tech cradle (if you care)
  • Costs more than the 2.1
  • No side pockets on chair for storage

See it on Amazon: Human Touch iJoy 4.0 Massage Chair

Note: If you’re stepping up to this price range you should also check out the Human Touch Volito Instant Revive Zero-Gravity Massage Chair. It’s from the same company, costs only a little more, and includes full-body plus calf massage as well as zero gravity reclining.

iJoy Massage Chair Comparison Chart

If you still aren’t sure, or you just want to quickly confirm that you’ve made the right choice, here’s a chart where you can easily compare features side-by-side.

[table id=1 /]

To give you an idea about space savings, compare to the size of a full-body, zero gravity massage chair with all the best features. For example, here are dimensions of the best selling Relaxonchair MK-II Plus:

  • Upright: 52″L x 31″W x 46″H
  • Reclined: 69″L x 31″W x 32″H

Summing It Up

These two chairs offer consumers good value for the money. Features are limited, but you still get a quality, at-home massage experience without forking over big bucks for a Cadillac model.

Both chairs are available in attractive two-tone colors, and the compact design is a plus for smaller rooms or anyone looking to save space.

The iJoy 2.1 is a good choice for those who want the lowest price, but only on 2 conditions: You will be happy with back massage only, and no one who will be using the chair exceeds the maximum 200 pound weight limit.

If you’re willing to spend about $300 more, the iJoy 4.0 adds the luxury of seat massage. Another advantage is that it will accommodate users weighing all the way up to 285 pounds.

Whichever model you choose, you’re buying from an established company that has been in the wellness product business for years. Human Touch has a decent reputation for good customer service, and it backs these massage chairs with a 2 year limited warranty.

See them on Amazon:

Human Touch iJoy 2.1 Massage Chair

Human Touch iJoy 4.0 Massage Chair

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