BestMassage Massage Chair Review – Zero Gravity, Bargain Price

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The BestMassage massage chair offers you lots of features at a bargain price, and the majority of owners give it superior ratings. This model often appeals to first-time buyers, and to anyone on a tight budget.

There’s one concern though, and that is customer service. Only you can decide if that’s a deal breaker for you, so read on to get all the details on that and lots more.

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  • Zero Gravity Positioning
  • Heating for Back Area
  • 4 Preset Massage Programs
  • L-shaped Track System with 4 Rollers
  • Airbag Massage with 3 Pressure Levels
  • Bluetooth-Enabled Speaker
  • Extendable Footrest
  • Available in Brown or Black
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

The shape of the L-track system allows the rollers to extend far enough down for hip massage. Airbags are positioned for back of shoulders, back, arms, and calves. Foot massage is a combination of airbag pressure and rollers.

This chair is best suited for heights of 150 to 185 centimeters, which translates to approximately 5 to 6 feet. The footrest is extendable by about five inches, but consumer reports indicate that it may not work very well for you if you’re much over 6′ tall.

Though it’s advertised as a space-saving model, the BestMassage needs at least 9 inches of clearance behind it. It weighs 219 pounds, and dimensions are:

  • Upright: 55.1″L x 29.7″W x 43.7″H
  • Reclined: 63″L x 29.7″W x 36.2″H

What Makes the BestMassage Massage Chair Unique?

This model includes a feature you won’t see on lots of massage chairs that sell for twice the price. That is its built-in Bluetooth-enabled speaker. While this wouldn’t be a deciding factor for most people, it’s certainly a nice little extra.

Automatic Programs

The four preset massage programs on this chair are:

  • Refresh
  • Extend
  • Relax
  • Recover

Intensity varies among options, ranging from a softer style for relaxation to a more vigorous massage. An OPTO sensor device is used to detect individual shoulder position and adjust accordingly.

What Are Customers Saying?

There are barely over 75 online reviews of this BestMassage chair, but the vast majority of those happy customers rate it 4 or 5 stars, and mostly 5. They love the rolling foot massage, as well as the rollers on an L-shaped frame which allows for extending the massage down to your hips. Overall, owners praise this model for being a very good value as it offers so many of the most-wanted features at such a reasonable price.

You can expect a vigorous massage from this chair, and the majority of owners find it to be very satisfactory. Others report it’s a bit too harsh, but they tried using padding such as a folded towel and were then completely happy with the intensity level.

(Another popular idea is to use a Yoga mat for extra cushioning. A long mat can be cut to fit your massage chair or to pad only the area you want, or it can be doubled if you want thicker padding.)

On the negative side, a few people consider the heat to be below average. A few others judged the neck massage to be less than outstanding, and this tends to be more of an issue for shorter people. Also note that the neck area is often a weak point even on some high end massage chairs.

One commonly asked question is whether this chair is comfortable to sit in when you aren’t getting a massage, and the general answer is no. A few people disagreed, and one even found it comfy enough to sleep in all night. However, the majority consensus is that it doesn’t have enough padding to make for a good lounging chair. It wasn’t designed to replace your recliner, so you probably shouldn’t count on that.

About Customer Service

The most serious complaint by far is that heretofore customer service has been very poor or non-existent. Contact information for this manufacturer is not readily available. You can’t even find the owners manual online.

This BestMassage massage chair is sold by third party sellers on Amazon. Keep that in mind when you shop. Of course you want the best price, but you also want a seller with a good track record. It’s important because if you do have any kind of problem, including a warranty claim, the seller you choose could be your only source for getting help.

That is not to say that this model has a bad reputation for quality. At this writing (December 2018) research turned up only two reports of chairs that malfunctioned within the first year. A few other buyers didn’t receive an owners manual or needed help getting a replacement remote. (Not because the original remote went bad but because the dog chewed it up. Life happens, right?)

Personally, my general rule on big purchases is this: If I can’t easily ask a question before the sale, what are the chances I can find anyone to help me after the sale?

Only you can decide whether you’re willing to chance it. One good sign is that in 2018 some of the sellers on Amazon started responding to online complaints. That’s a definite improvement, but at this point there is still no information on whether issues are actually being resolved.

Pros & Cons

  • low cost, good value for the money
  • good features, including heated back area, airbags, and L-Track Rollers system
  • built-in Bluetooth-enabled speaker
  • customer service may be lacking or non-existent
  • no manufacturer website for this product, contact info not easily found
  • heating not warm enough for some
  • neck massage somewhat inferior (not an uncommon problem)

Summing It Up

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If you’re looking for a decent massage chair for less than $1,000, this BestMassage model may be worth considering. It’s a top seller with many of the most popular features and a good bit of positive customer feedback. The Bluetooth-enabled speaker makes your experience more enjoyable, and it’s an extra you won’t find on lots of much more expensive models.

Based on existing customer reports, chances are you won’t experience any trouble with your chair. There is also evidence of improved customer service from at least some of the third party sellers. If you’re okay with all that, then in many respects the BestMassage massage chair is a great value because you pay a bargain price yet still get a massage chair with an L-track with Rollers system.

See it on Amazon: BestMassage Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

BestMassage Massage Chair Review - Zero Gravity, Bargain Price

Not Impressed?

If the BestMassage makes you uncomfortable (corny pun intended!), it’s not the only lower cost option. Another bargain brand is the Rea lRelax Massage Chair, and you can read about it in this review: Real Relax Massage Chair Review – Favor-04.

Also see Zero Gravity Massage Chair: The 5 Bestsellers Reviewed, which includes a comparison chart that you may find helpful.

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